Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moon Willow Point:

Moon Willow Point... closer to reality today!!
Hey everyone,
Spent our Saturday afternoon with Wayne's Crane service getting some urban forest logs ready for a local sawyer, Rich Haviland to come mill them for us... We have 5 logs of oak from two trees for a potential flooring project and the willow is destined to become a bed with a sculptural headboard representing Pittsburgh's 3 rivers and point.
The great thing is between the oaks and the willow I should have enough revenue to plant at least 6 trees, maybe 8. Hopefully 2 street trees and the remainder in our parks or greenways.

In the morning I went to a local tree planting event as a tree tender volunteer representing Friends of the Pittsburgh urban Forest... The event was a Tree vitalize planting in conjunction with the Mt Washington CDC from what I understand.
Alas,... I soon learned the planting was to be Sunday and not Saturday. I spent a good hour or more looking before I found anyone. I found 2 members of the CDC getting mulch dropped off @ the site and learned I was a day early.
Since I wasn't able to be of service to these folks this day, I took a walk back into the scenic byway park and planted some seeds of my own:
I planted 6 oak acorns, 4 beechnuts, and a horse chestnut. I wanted some of these planted as a little something in remembrance of my brother Eric for his birthday. Happy Birthday Eric!!
I noticed our woods are in some dire straights!! I saw vines growing up many of the trees and I can see they cause much stress in our local forest. Many of the trees prevalent in our woods also seem to be of a very limited range of species. I think perhaps many species had been harvested in our city's younger days and have not recovered.... I sure hope that I can contribute to the recovery efforts...
More to come people, please stay tuned!!


robison said...

Hey John, Congrats on your acceptance to Craftmans Guild of Pittsburgh! We think of you often. Its great to read your blog. Looks and sounds like you are doing great! What a talent you have!
Hope to see you again sometime in Beaverton, Oregon!
Miss you,
Lauri, Greg, & Michelle Robison

Aunt Rita said...

Cool! Looks like you have found your nitche! Have you shown this to Mark? I can think of many ways to market this. I am sending your blog address to the manager of our "Weed and Seed" program here in Lafayette.

Kt said...

yayyyy trees! anything big planned for Earth Day? I would like to pick up the trash at the corner of 65 and Termon...we'll see how the weather is!

Urban Tree Forge, llc said...

that's so exciting...i can't wait to see the "moon willow" bedroom suite in progress!

randie said...

that's so exciting...i can't wait to see the "moon willow" bedroom suite in progress!