Sunday, March 8, 2009

Urban Wood from Squirrel Hill Pittsburgh

New Opportunities

Jason Boone, one of our Urban tree forge resident artists and an architect for Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects alerted us to a tree that fell from a wind storm in the Smithfield East end cemetery that looked like it might provide some cool opportunities for us.
We contacted Jeff Magdinec, superintendent for The Historic Homewood Cemetery and The Smithfield East end cemetery. Jeff was gracious and accommodating to our endeavor. Jeff was wonderful in working with us to recover not just the London Plane tree we originally sought, but also a beautiful oak, some of which we cut right on site and some amazing root burls that are just looking like they are going to be some great fun to work with!
When it came time to remove these beautiful trees from among the residents we relied once again on our friend Wayne the Crane Blumling and his amazing prowess with his crane to move with agility through the cemeteries' mature trees without hitting any, then lift these beautiful sections and move them to our facility where we can work on them further.
While Wayne was on site, he helped lift one of the root sections out of the ground so we could take a look for some opportunities to utilize this beautiful root flare section of the tree for some new possibilities. Look at the beautiful red color in this specimen... wow!!Thanks again Wayne, You're awesome!!
Now we have to remove the dirt from the root section so we can get the flare cut into sections we can consider for new opportunities. We need some rain to remove some of that dirt!!