Thursday, March 26, 2009

March happenings

What a busy month!!

I just have to start off with the great little mention we got this week in the Pittsburgh's awesome POP City e-magazine in an article about the Childrens Museum's "Exploring Trees" exhibit. We will be back at the Childrens Museum this April 9th and 10th to demonstrate some more possibilities for our urban trees... hope to see you there!

Around the studio

Olof Berner has been busy creating some new pieces, working on some beautiful jewelry ideas from our tree stake off cuts, cutting boards, and some other new offerings for our local marketplace.

Jason Boone has been working on a new sculpture and candlesticks made from our tree stake off cuts we have from Tree Vitalize projects with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy in the Pittsburgh area. It's great to see the tree stake materials getting used for even more new ideas!

Jennifer Bechak has been busy trying out our new Oxy-acetylene torch set back in the metal shop area of the Forge and working on creating some new ideas.

Nate Lucas is working on a coffee table that is a beautiful mix of some reclaimed oak and another wood I'm uncertain of at the moment and inlaid with some pretty ebony pin striping.

I created a sculpture this month myself, "Confused Elegance" for the upcoming Persad auction this May. I created this sculpture from a section of an oak tree from the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh.

We've also been busy acquiring new materials to offer our artists in residence and for our clients. Lumberjack Tree Service dropped off a large section of oak for us from our city's Riverview park, which we will be using partially for some new tables for the new Carnegie Library on the Northside of Pittsburgh. We have also cut into a beautiful section of sycamore tree we recovered from storm damage from our Squirrel Hill neighborhood... and have come away with some beautiful pieces from this tree. We harvested a whole truck load of root burls from an elm tree in the Homewood cemetery that look just amazing. Anybody interested in creating or having something created from one of the beautiful sections of our local trees should give us a call or drop us an email to explore the tremendous possibilities further...